Summer Must-Have Tech 2017

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  • Uploaded 9 months ago in the category Argos

    So, it’s finally that time of year again when the clouds are starting to shift and the sun is finally beginning to show its beautiful face.

    BBQ season! It’s time to pull the old paddling pool out for the kids whilst you make a daring trip to the shops in search of burgers, buns and maybe even some ice-cold beers.

    But then, the inevitable happens.

    Last year’s rusty BBQ has collected enough rain throughout the year to sustain a city.

    At this stage, a tragic trip back down to the shops for a disposable one would be in order but not this year.

    This year you will be prepared.

    In our video above we’ve compiled a list of amazing technology products and summer gadgets for you to ponder including of course, the ‘Landmann Taurus 660 BBQ Charcoal’ from Argos.

    This is the daddy of all BBQs and is what will separate you from all those overly intrusive neighbours.

    You can even grab a cracking deal using this Argos Discount Code and save yourself some cash.

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